How To Stalk Prospects Who Visit Your Website

Have you ever visited a website and then found ads for that business appearing on other websites you visit? This online technique is called re-marketing or retargeting and it involves tagging visitors to your website and then chasing them around on the internet with your banner ads. While it sounds a bit creepy, this form of online ‘stalking’ is a very effective marketing tactic.

So, how does re-marketing work?

Basically you can track people and their behaviour by placing a code or a ‘cookie’ on their browser when they visit or interact with your website. For example, if someone clicks on a product on your website but navigate away from your site you can follow them around with specific ads for your business or product when they visit other websites. Remarketing does not place your ads on every site your visitor goes to, only the sites the advertiser deems relevant and sites that are part of Google’s advertising network.

The idea is to build a list of prospects to target and create advertising based on their original visit to your website. You can track visitors interested in certain products or services and continue to advertise this product or service as they continue to surf the internet. The main benefits of remarketing include:

  • It increases brand awareness and recall simply because you are back on the prospects radar even though they have left your website. Your customised banner promotes your business or products and encourages them to click back to your website.
  • Not everyone who visits your website today is ready to buy, however, remarketing puts your brand or product back in front of the prospects over and over again. When they are ready to buy you are top of mind.

Most businesses could benefit from a remarketing strategy but if your business has frequently abandoned shopping carts or if you are a new business looking to build brand awareness this strategy could be ideal. Of course, there is a fine line between ‘stalking’ and marketing but consumers can be assured that no personal information is gathered during the remarketing process.

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