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Room by Spreecast is a simple way to have free, instant video, audio and text chat calls with up to 3 other people at the same time. With Room, anyone you invite can join the video call without signing up. You can share your screen in two clicks allowing you to present your charts, website, designs or documents. Use text chat to share links or copy and paste text and you can save your favourite rooms for quick access later. Room for web requires no download and no sign up and supports screen sharing and more. Room can be accessed from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC computer (using latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers). Room is available at the iTunes store or by visiting

Spreecast (the maker of Room above) also provide a creative web streaming platform that has some advantages over other services including Skype, Google Hangout or GoToMeeting.

Spreecast provides:

  • Easy access (directly from web browser using an email to sign-up rather than downloading an application)
  • Unlimited audience (i.e. anyone can tune into the video and take part in the conversation via the message board, although 4 people is the maximum number of contributing members on a video conference).
  • Audience interaction (Spreecast offers unique opportunity for video streamers to interact with their audience on a live message board but the producer can also bring an audience member on camera at any time)
  • Meeting hosting (by creating private video sessions, entrepreneurs can take advantage of Spreecast by using it for business meetings. Limited to four people on screen at once, others can contribute to the conversation and join the video if the producer brings them on screen. For small businesses with employees working remotely, this can be a useful tool for meeting face to face.

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